About the Pearland Historical Society

On April 10, 1986 Mayor Tom Reid wrote a letter to C. V. “Vic”
Coppinger urging the formation of a Pearland Historical Society.  
Vic Coppinger, who later also served as Pearland’s Mayor, called
a meeting of Pearland citizens on June 9, 1986 and from that
meeting the Pearland Historical Society was born.  In July of that
year a set of by-laws were adopted and 119 charter members
joined the Society.  The by-laws state the purpose of the
organization “shall be to preserve and perpetuate the heritage of
the Pearland, Texas community.”   Today the Society has around
200 members.   Members are not only Pearland citizens;  but
there are members in many other communities in Texas as well
as in several other states.  The highlight of the year is the
annual “Reunion Luncheon” held the fourth Saturday in October
each year.  The luncheon is an opportunity for long time
Pearland citizens and former citizens to get together at a
luncheon, and renew old friendships and reminisce about days

The Historical Society strives to work with our City and our
School District to keep Pearland history alive. There are five
historical markers in Pearland.  They are “Old Settlers Cemetery”,
“Old Pearland Depot”, “First Methodist Church of Pearland”, “The
Old Pearland High School” and “Zychlinski Park”.  A time capsule
was set in Zychlinski Park on September 22, 2007 at the
dedication ceremony for the historical marker for the Park.  The
time capsule will be opened September 22, 2057.

The Society in partnership with the Pearland Parks & Recreation
Department refurbished the “Old Settlers Cemetery” and planted
oak trees in memory of old time Pearland families.  We will be
working with the Parks Department to put historical information
at kiosks which will be along the future walking trails.  We work
with the Pearland School District to provide Pearland history
during Pearland history week in October of each year.

A quarterly “Historical Society Newsletter” is sent to all members
during the first month of each quarter of the year.  Quarterly
meetings are held at Knapp Senior Citizens Center on the 3rd
Thursday of the first month of each quarter.  Meeting time is
at    7:00 P.M.   Membership in the Pearland Historical Society is
open  to anyone who is interested in preserving the history and
heritage of the town of Pearland.  Membership dues are $15 per
The community gazebo and fountain at Pearland City Hall
R. E. & Nadine Arbuckle         
Laura Massey Arnold
Dwight & Leah Smith Bateman
Joseph & Jewel Benes
Bob & Rose Boldman
Lois Hunter Bundy
Alta McCormack Carbone
Basil & Carrie Mae Cogbill
Ray & Mildred Long Collins
Kenneth &  Dorothy Long Cook
Vic & Fran Coppinger
Josie Frankenberger Heflin
Luther & Helen Cunningham
Carl & Paula Halik
Vernon & Deckla Halik
Lloyd & Oleta Campbell Hawkins
Craig & Francis Hlavaty
William & Fay Brookshire Hunter
Bert & Frances Smith Jamison
Sam & Mildred Jamison
Clifford & Mary Boyce Kliesing
Ray & Peggy Giles Kliesing
Eunice Martin Jones
Melvin & Ruth Coppinger Knapp
Splon & Zella Davidson Lane
Charles Edwin & Peggy Farthing Long
Roy Martin & Claudia Meade Martin
Blanche O’Day Massey
Dr. & Mrs. John Massey        
Calvin V. Meade
Claude W. Meade
James Gregory Meade
Janel Meade        
Judy Meade
Myrtlee Massey Meade        
Jack & Mary Lee Smith Miller
E. R. Milstead
Joyce McCormack
Orlen  & Phyrne  O’Day
Michael & Connie O’Day
Murray & Willye Quigles
Tom Reid
Clarence  & Katherine D. Smith
David & Frankie Walker Smith
Edna Livesay  Stoeckle
Jack J. Stone
Byron & Juanita Stone Sutherland
Emma L. Vaughn
Johnetta Coppinger Willaert        
Lloyd & Mary Yost
Marjorie Lawrence
Paula Scardino
Ben & Susan Smith Lenamon
Nell Davidson Garner
Lenard & Kathleen West
Lola Mae Long        
Sidney & Reba Eddings Kliesing
Joyce Smith Miller
Berry Miller III        
Mary Helen Miller
Ina K. Miller
Thomas & Betty Alexander
Mr. & Mrs. John Alexander
Jimmy & Ida Nichols
Garvis & Delores Fenwick
Diane Kropp
David & Anna K. Scott
Nordema Arbuckle Ellis
Donna M. Marineck
Dino Lewis
Evelyn Martin Lawhon        
R. J. & Sarah Novosad
Don & Evelyn Kliesing McAninch       
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Akers
Leo & Elaine Lane
Charter Members of Pearland Historical Society
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